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Faun Kraka


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:laugh: I saw my first KRAKA whilst serving in B.A.O.R Germany. It was approx. 1975 in the summer. I was Then a vehicle Mechanic, & was working outside. On Ferret Scout cars in the L.A.D Vehicle park. I heard this throb, throb sound coming towards me from above. & a Chinook Helicopter flew over & landed about 400 Yards away outside our camp. To the rear of this camp was a Bundeswher open training area. To which the public had full access to if they wished.


The rear tailgate of the Chinook was lowered down, & three KRAKA's SHOT out the back. One by one! I mean REALLY shot out!.....These fast moving machines made an immediate positive impression on Me then. Which has stayed with Me to this day!


A couple of weeks later, I was again working in the vehicle park, when I heard this strange whirring sound! I looked up, & coming down the side of the camps chain-link fencing. Was a Column of KRAKA's! FANTASTIC sight, I have to say! Fully laden with 2 x extra troops on each vehicle. & a load in the rear load cage areas.


The whirring noise is a distinctive sound from these, as they are as I said previously. Chain driven to both rear wheels.

The chain is typically German over engineered for reliability. 1" Inch wide links!!! FAR more than you need, but it 'Aint gonna snap on you!....;)


Those memories I carried in the back of my mind. & just like the three Ferret Scout Cars I have owned over the years. I never in a million Sunday's. Ever thought I would own an example of this very interesting little 'Tin Horse'!


I couldn't afford one either, as well as locating an example to purchase here in the UK. It was last year, I had a sum of money that was owed to Me. That came to fruition, & put me in a position to be able to afford a KRAKA........

I looked & looked on Ebay Germany. But couldn't afford an example then. At what they were selling for in Auction! :-(


However......I put a request out here on the forum, again last year. & a smashing member from Belgium put THREE links up with examples for sale, would you believe?.....Yes, just like buss's, you wait for ages for one to come along. & then THREE turn up at the same time!!! LOL. That was the largest amount of KRAKA's I have ever seen for sale. as they do NOT come up for grabs very often!


So I got in contact with the owner of one, obviously at the cheapest price!.....a fair bit of communication passed between us. But as is typical of most German vehicle owners. He was a man of Honour, & helped Me a fair bit with the purchase.

You wouldn't believe the amount of paperwork involved on the German side of things (Typical again!) to sell an 'Old timer' vintage vehicle????....But it all came to me in dribs & drabs in the post. Once the funds had been transferred, I had the dilemma of how to collect this vehicle?.......The obvious solution was to hire a trailer, & drive over to Germany. & bring it back myself! However......At such short notice (& would incur extra expense) How could I drive there without making provision for my Wife at the same time? (She is now Severely Disabled, & Wheelchair Bound) it was a non starter that way!......


The Little KRAKA was located in a Town almost touching the Polish Border, it couldn't have been any Dammed further over, could it?......:-( So, I contacted a firm on Facebook, who ran a mini bus weekly. To Poland & back, bringing workers to & from the UK & their respective luggage. A VERY helpful & Friendly English end of things Chap I spoke to. Assured Me that they had also hauled cars to the UK as well. so, we agreed a VERY fair price. Half the price was paid as a deposit & to show good faith. The Kraka arrived at 07.00 Hrs on Saturday Morning last year in August. & BOY, was I excited when we peeled the sheet off of it!

The two Polish Guys were most helpful & polite. & showed a keen interest in this unusual vehicle. They even took snaps with us all posing in front of it, on the trailer! :-)


I have added a few items of Bundy equipment & a dummy 'load' of various items needed on exercise in the field. My Display, represents 'Battalion 273 of the Bundeswher Fallschirmjager Regiment. Stationed in Iserlohn, North Rhine West Fallia during the 1980's. The same time that I was Stationed there, during that time frame in my Career. This unit was disbanded in 1994 & their camp is now a Museum. For, would you believe. All things connected with the Town Council's Waste disposal & cleaning service/ equipment?????


There are on display, Various restored vehicles & equipment for that task. Yes If you are technically minded I suppose. it might be interesting from a collectors point of view.

But to Me personally, having sank many a Beer with my German contemporaries in that camp. A very sad & ignominious end, to which was also a wartime German Barracks.....:-(

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