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Royal enfield flying flea barrel


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I'm looking for a serviceable barrel for a flying Flea . I've tried the usual suppliers , Hitchcocks had a second hand civi one but unfortunately half of the lip on the top has broken away .


I thought about taking the top lip completely off and making a gasket out of copper sheet , warm it up cool it down and then it should compress enough and seal the head ? any thoughts on the above idea ..............


I don't mind wether its a Civi barrel as I would ask Terry at Metal Magic to thread the exhaust manifold .


Further investigation shows cracks in the base.Looking at the condition of the barrel and the cracks (shown in the photo )I would say the barrel would self destruct if a re bore was attempted ,or anyone know of a good engine shop that could fettle the barrel for me


Any help would be much appreciated in tracking a barrel down as I'm trying to help a friend out .


The head also had a large crack which I've managed to sort .







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