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British Armour Visually Modified (VISMOD)

robin craig

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I know other armies use such vehicles for training, the BATUS vismod CVR(T) are fairly well known. I thought we could use this thread to showcase some of the interesting disguises used for training that would get some great looks at a show.


To me, VISMOD usually means something done to alter the silhouette, but sometimes it can just be garish markings and the crews dressed up in "foreign" looking uniforms.


I was rummaging around and found these FV 432s on the web and have the permission of Terry Almond to put them up here.


They date from the mid 1980s from his time n Munster with the Irish Guards, no exercise name was given.

Opfor 432 01.jpg

opfor 432 03.jpg

opfor 432 05.jpg

opfor 432 04.jpg

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