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14 British wartime helmets dating from 1941/1944


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attachment.php?attachmentid=125213&stc=1Hi all, have around 14 wartime British helmets, anyone no what they are worth/interested in buying?

I truth lay have not a clue of a value on them

all date from 1941 to 1944




They can vary between £20 to £120 on eBay, depends on how much someone gets carried away bidding! The fire service ones can go for quite a bit, but they look post war markings if I'm not mistaken?

I would say around £40 each on average, although I've never paid more than £20 for a helmet!



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The value of the helmets will be influenced by a few factors

1 type ..you have zuckerman helmets these are the high domed model with laces ..these were the first issued to fire watchers. Factories Tec and could be purchased privately ...the markings will raise the price..fg. .fire guard...a ambulance..

And the linings and straps..but these are the lowest value

.2 markings ...the fire helmets look interesting..any chance of a close up...the.colouring looks post war but they may appeal to 2 groups of collectors

3 The standard helmets seem to be civilian defence variants..black.white with letters denoting the wearers role..a ambulance..

Brown helmets are generally early to mid war army...green mid to late war.

I have lots of rusty helmets I collected as a kid ..the steel shells by themselves have low value but add in good liners and straps and you can get 30 to 40 ...regimental markings and history and you can get more..




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