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  1. I remember watching something about this on TV once, there was no proof or evidence it actually happened apparently, only here say, but they did find bodies of German sailors washed up, probably from a sunken ship out at sea. Colin
  2. Well said and tottally agree with every word! Colin
  3. Hello They can vary between £20 to £120 on eBay, depends on how much someone gets carried away bidding! The fire service ones can go for quite a bit, but they look post war markings if I'm not mistaken? I would say around £40 each on average, although I've never paid more than £20 for a helmet! Regards Colin
  4. It's definitely brown, most early ones I've come across are brown and later on painted green, the green doesn't fade to that colour Hope this helps Colin
  5. Hello Sorry if this has been repeated on here before, but I've recently acquired a vintage trailer to tow behind my Austin staff car, it looks very much like a British Airborne trailer (although it isn't as it's made of wood!) But I was wondering the legality of towing it behind my vintage car without the steel wheel arches fitted? It looks better without them fitted! I've often seen guys towing the 10cwt trailer's behind thier Jeeps without the arches as that's how they were made and wondered how they got on? Regards Colin
  6. Hello From pics I've seen, KD (karki drill) shorts, shirt ammo boots, web anklets and hose tops (sock with no feet) but you could also get away with anything for in the desert from battle dress, long KD trousers, KD shirt, sweaters, leather jerkins, greatcoats, Tommy helmets, goggles, gauntlets, anti gas goggles (Rommel wore British tinted ones) side cap, mixture of BD & KD! Best bet is to look at some period photos and go for the look you like the best! Hope this helps? Colin
  7. Sorry don't know about organised trips, but I booked our accommodation last week staying in Courselles and found lots of apartments\cottages already booked up! Colin
  8. Hello Can't the weapon's be sold to people who have the relevant licence's, I have an FAC & a shotgun licence so could potentially own one of these, and there must be more like me out there who could do the same? Such a waste!!!😥 Colin
  9. Hello Yes the letters are definitely RU Colin
  10. Hello John The actual chassis plate on the chassis by the steering box starts with a 2 (will have to check tomorrow) and doesn't tally with the ministry of supply plate. Colin
  11. Hello again If only it was a time machine lol! The RLC museum are still looking at the moment and I'm waiting to hear back from them regarding the registration number. The chassis number on the plate DOESN'T tally with the actual number tag on the chassis rail, I'll try and get that tomorrow, the truck is all wrapped up for the winter, so it means pulling off the tarp partially, from memory it starts with a 2??? Thanks Colin
  12. Hello Richard Yes the RLC museum says its a vehicle type, a 1963 Austin van!! Colin
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