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  1. Well said and tottally agree with every word! Colin
  2. It's definitely brown, most early ones I've come across are brown and later on painted green, the green doesn't fade to that colour Hope this helps Colin
  3. Hello Yes the letters are definitely RU Colin
  4. Hello John The actual chassis plate on the chassis by the steering box starts with a 2 (will have to check tomorrow) and doesn't tally with the ministry of supply plate. Colin
  5. Hello again If only it was a time machine lol! The RLC museum are still looking at the moment and I'm waiting to hear back from them regarding the registration number. The chassis number on the plate DOESN'T tally with the actual number tag on the chassis rail, I'll try and get that tomorrow, the truck is all wrapped up for the winter, so it means pulling off the tarp partially, from memory it starts with a 2??? Thanks Colin
  6. Hello Richard Yes the RLC museum says its a vehicle type, a 1963 Austin van!! Colin
  7. Hello I have recently been in touch with the RLC regarding any info on my Austin K2 GS lorry, they are still looking into it, but wondered if anyone on here might know something? It's supposed to be a 1943 Austin K2 GS lorry, but the cab is a K3 of 1943 date as noted on the plate, but the chassis is definitely K2, the data plate on the body says the following:- MINISTRY OF SUPPLY W.V.3 VEHICLE NUMBER 38 RU 76 CHASSIS NUMBER 47122 CLASS OF REPAIR "REBUILD" DATE OF REBUILD 1/52 MTRS No B/265 I bought this lorry about 10 yrs ago from Shaun Hindle from the East of England mili
  8. I believe that was the one I was offered quite a few years ago for £2000 but didn't have the money😢 lucky you well done! Colin
  9. Hi I was there too on Sunday & Monday with my Austin K2 GS truck, i asked the director/producer and he said they are doing it for the REME and will possibly try to sell it to various museums and possibly TV companies. They have never done anything like this before, and hope to possibly make some more in the future based on other veterans stories if the demand is there! Pictures are of "Lucy" with my field office display for the filming, but sadly we were to old to be extras.... i'm on the far left with "MM" winner Wally Harris on which the film was based. Colin
  10. Hello Where abouts in Andover is that? i live in Andover and thought i had seen most of what there is around here! just interested thats all as my interest lies in WW2 vehicles Colin
  11. Get them all the time here in Andover, and more so in Hurstbourne Tarrant where i work, them and Chinooks come over the hills and right above the garage at roof level, gets boring seeing them now:) Although the Hurricane buzzing by in the morning and coming back that late afternoon made up for it:-D Colin
  12. Hello Radek Just found your thread and an email you sent to me asking for body dimensions. I would love to help, but the body on my K2 is incorrect, and is made of steel not wood, so i dont think it would be much use to you! But if i can help in anyway please ask, i have added some pictures of when i moved the body back so i could fit the spare wheel carrier Colin
  13. I have a 1943 Austin K2 GS truck, it just keeps going & going (it'll break down now i've said that!) I'm British and proud of it:angel: i would never dream of owning a yank vehicle, just like i will never do yank re-enactment, British all the way for me! I'm a motor mechanic by trade, and as long as you maintain them they will keep going, plus they have bags of character! Thats just my personal feelings:-) Colin
  14. Fantastic photos! now i know what to aim for to finish it off, thanks! Colin
  15. I have been told that before, but there is no where to fit a coupling to the front of an Austin K2! I know a chap who has a coupling bolted to his front axle on a Bedford OY for this purpose, but i'd be worried about bending the axle!? Colin
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