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Welcome in. The old FMW seem to be undergoing a revival at the moment.

hi yeah it's a lovely little thing as soon as I see it i thought that's the toy for me , I'm just stripping the grey paint off of it at the moment :-D as want it back to the dark blue ;)

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They are -diffrent- to drive. :-D Especially over a speed bump. Most of the works are Ford. There is one at the dockyard Portsmouth, and a long time ago one appeared in the opening credits of a TV show about the RN.

Oh are they :cool2: I haven't driven it yet I haven't even tried starting it yet, I haven't really seen them anywhere as when you google there isn't many images come up it certainly looks a heavy little beast for the size :-D I'm currently stripping grey off ;) but it's getting there :-Dattachment.php?attachmentid=124920&stc=1attachment.php?attachmentid=124921&stc=1



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