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WD Flea Tank Bage & tail Light


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G'day all, I am in the process of gradually restoring a 45 Flea. Engine No V6297/10102 frame same No. Trying to keep as original as possible. I have been looking for an original tank badge which i think is now showing to be an impossible task.

I have decided to get one made from Pamela & David Enamels down in North Devon. I need a good photo of an original WD badge taken without flash and a big a resolution as possible & front on. I will be sending them a post war one as well so they use it for size. They cant get round to making one till April 2017 so I still have time to get lucky.007.jpgAlso the Fag end tail light, I have the mounting but no tube & reflector any leads on one would be appreciated.

Have a good day.





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Here is my original tank badge, (with and without flash). Before I found my original, I simply asked a sign-writer friend to paint in the brass bits of a post war badge in white with some of his nice enamel paint.


As far as the tail lamp goes. It's not a Lucas job. The Fleas were one of the very few Miller equipped bikes and was therefore fitted with the Miller version 'Fag End' lamp.


If you PM me your email address I can probably send you some measurements. Ron

Lightweights 085.jpg

Lightweights 205.jpg

Lightweights 427.jpg

Lightweights 428.jpg

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The Flea tank badge does turn up on Ebay sometimes.........but Hitchcock's Motorcycles in the Midlands list and stock pretty decent looking replicas that are fully coloured-in.........they were in stock a few weeks ago now........


As for the tail light, as Ron mentions impossible to find nowadays so it will be a case of making one.............I cut down a suitable red lense from something else and machined the tubular body up on a lathe............

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Hi, thank you for the info, If i do get a badge made at least they will have copy there, I believe they do most of it now by computer so once they have one made they should be able to produce them if any one else needs one.


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