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Bsa no start


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Recently picked up a bsa m20 got it starting at first, it then died and has now refused to turn over. Any ideas as to what is causing it to not start. This is what we are doing

Both fuel stops are on, got fuel into the choke, chokes on a little bit about a 1/4 drop and then kick it. The choke is leaking a lot of fuel during and after this, one thought is flooded engine any easy way to check

Any help would be brilliant


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With any bike that does has previously run ..then fails I usually start by replacing the fuel. I use a juggle pump to drain the tank and then check the fuel lines and tank for dirt plus strip the carb .when it's all clean I then put in high octane..I then try a start if that fails I pull the plug which I replace.or clean and then test the spark ..if I have a spark I then try to start ..if that fails I would replace the HT leads and or condenser both fail with age and can reduce the quality of spark..it can look great on a visual test but fail under compression .

The above process starts my bikes 90 percent of the time .

.I always start with the fuel as personally bad fuel is the Bain of my life..my son's vespa which was run daily stepped running ..bad fuel. we started a bike that had not run for 14 years last month with the above process..

Good luck and please report back.



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Found the trouble the spark lead wasnt on fully checked for spark snd was there put it back in wnd hey presdo thank you jenkinov



pleased to hear the bikes running ...we love them when they run ...Hate it when they won't and fall back in love again as soon as its sorted ..



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