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  1. Hi steve sorry for the delay I'm back now so will take a look for you Cheers tom
  2. Would rather sell as a lot but if anyone wants just the odd couple happily do a deal. Ill add a list of all the issue numbers I have
  3. Hi Guys looking for a ford flathead 4 speed gearbox for the carrier and the clutch bell housing anybody any ideas where theres some for sale? cheers tom
  4. Afternoon All, in the process of restoring a mk2 carrier trying to get the front sorted first and im in need of the dimensions/plans for the boxes next to the driver and commander and the large box at the rear of the carrier thanks for any assistance Tom
  5. We are in need of about 30 links of track preferably in good condition and not seized up Thanks
  6. Have a read: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2019/1420/made?fbclid=IwAR2nWGG57tmBoo_9jrMwpeskNOlTlihA5h8ZRWIWFkaczrKGbwCUUc_-8u4
  7. Had it on milweb in September ill have to try it on eBay soon I think funds for the carrier restoration would be good
  8. Bump possible px for carrier related parts
  9. Hi guys I'm in need of a pair of return rollers for a 44 carrier and all bits to go with it any help or leads is greatly appreciated cheers tom
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