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Antar progress, cab fitting

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Dear All,


The patient is doing quite well.


The ballast box has been ground loaded which makes the vehicle look much better. Windscreens are in but with a little fettling to do. Have made new matching silencers.


Currently on the electrics. Purists will not like the fact that I have designed the system to be reliable and has the benefit of more than about four fuses. So I have installed about 5 or 6 relays and eight circuit breakers. I have found that with both the Antar and the Contractor the lamp load of a big trailer is horrendous especially with double flashing beacon lights at the rear. Thus a heavy duty supply to the trailer lighting circuit is essential. Originally the wiring was all black with numbered wires. I now have a few different colours in use but each wire is ID'd with its function eg "HEAD MAIN" or "ALT W/L". The alternator on the Rolls Royce diesel has meant that the generator and regulator are all superfluous and were removed many years ago. The design is predicated on the system being able to take a dead short to ground anywhere (except the starter cables and a short cable to the first 100 amp fuse) without damage. However, all the electrical switches and controls are as original and when you get in the cab only an expert on Mk II Antars would realise that there are some 'improvements' to the system.


Other tasks that I am looking forward to are: the doors (not a big problem apart from sliding glass), reassemble the fifth wheel, quarter lights, and shot blast and paint wheels. The front brakes and swivels need a strip down, clean and service. King pin thrust bearings need replacing as there is a rut in them which makes steering on motorway tiring.


I want to do one final batch of plating. I use Zinc Plate and colour passivate with all fasteners being heavily oiled before assembly. This make such a difference when something has to be dismantled again.


After that there will be the snagging process and inspection / checking. I want to get this vehicle done by April in order to get back onto the Conqueror ARV in the Summer.



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