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Hi, Can anyone ID these forks and motorcycle


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Hi, I was hoping maybe someone could help with id ing this set of vintage motorbike forks and part frame. I am thinking they may of been on a military bike of some sort as there is slight remains of dark green paint on them and even over the grease nipples. I have posted on my usual classic motorbike forum but we have drawn a blank. Also as the part of the bike frame it is attached to is cast iron this may also help ID the bike make. We have ruled out BSA slopers and Panthets. The only bikes we could think of with part cast frames. It was found in a UK shed clearance. Its a set of girder forks and I think the bars had bar end leaver type clutch and front brake. I think the advance retard leaver is original to the bars and this is a old Doherty one. I would like to think its a old British bike but it could be anything. Any ideas ? Cheers, Jon






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Thanks for coming back on that Jon. It's been bothering me. I couldn't reconcile the Webb-type centre spring and bottom lugs with the flat oval rear tube that looked Druid or Brampton - which they clearly aren't - I wondered if they were someone's attempts to get around design registrations. Are the friction dampers on the top pivot ? That's not where I would have thought would be best.


Are they metric threaded ?


Doherty were in Aston, Birminghma and quite close to Nortons who used their controls pre-war. If original, this might point towards a British-built version.


Certainly a rare thing :-)

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