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Advice Needed Please.


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Hello Fellow Green Machine Enthusiasts! :cheesy:


My question is in Two parts really. :red:


I wish to import a used Ex Mil Vehicle from Germany to the UK.

It is my understanding, that I do not have to pay VAT etc. As the vehicle was manufactured in 1974, is a sale from one private owner to similar.


All I have to do is open a NOVA account, & notify HMRC via this medium.Of The importation within 14 Days?


The vehicle is German TUV registered & tested. IE: German equivalent of Log book & MOT tested.


When I come to register the vehicle for a log Book in the UK.

Is it MOT & Road Tax exempt, due to it's age?

FINALY :D Due to my Personal Situation. I am not able to drive to Germany & collect the vehicle myself.

Which I would do under Normal circumstances.


Sooooo......Can anyone point Me in the right direction. Of a Firm who would be able to collect the said vehicle from there.

And deliver to my Personal Home Address in the UK Please? :thumbsup:

IE:Anyone who can be recommended for a fair price for this job?


The vehicle is small platformed variant. just like a beach buggy. so low & ONLY weigh's 0.61 of a Ton!

it COULD be done with a small car trailer as well as a small flatbed truck.


Perhaps a member of this forum, who is an established Firm member/owner. Of such a business, would like the job? ;)


Thank you all in advance. for your valued advice/ opinons.


Kindest regards: Mike. :tup::

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I am assuming from the lack of replies. That most you good People are at one of the two major vehicle shows this weekend?

If this is so, I really hope you are having a smashing time at either venue! ;)


Ok the pressure is on Me now! The seller of the vehicle I wish to acquire. Is asking when if I have any idea of when the Machine can be collected?

I have not had an answer yet from anyone because obviously. It is VERY early days on my initial request here!


But one of my Options failing anyone here being able to assist in transportation. Would be to contact a Polish Haulage Firm. The Town where the vehicle is situated, is right beside the Polish Border. And we are all aware that there is a LOT of Polish Artic's Etc. Coming & going to the UK on a weekly/ daily Basis.


It would be a good deal for them to collect this vehicle as it would be at least on the outbound journey from Poland.

& in theory, cheaper for me also?

Anyone have any input or reservations on this idea at all? Or indeed, any other suggestions that might help Me on this Please?


Many Thanks, & I hope you are all enjoying the lovely Weather! :D



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