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How to camouflage your pre-war tourer

simon king

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Wonder whether the car being painted in camouflage colours at RAF Aldergrove in 1939/40 belongs to one of the pilots, has been impressed or has been "donated to the war effort"- see 2.21 onwards. Useful in showing the process adopted to lay out the patterns.




Don't you just love the wartime Health and Safety standards...................

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Good Morning Bryan; did you ever get a chance to delve into the N series of AMOs ? We know all published research sights AMO A618 /41 Dated 7 Aug 1941 as the formal start of camouflaging RAF MT in the UK. but I have a copy of AMO N629/41 dated 5 june 1941 which calls for cam of impressed vehicles but not to include hire vehicles.

regards TED

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