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Introducing my new Landrover


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Bought this old girl today :) ...well..... she's not that 'old' really compared to some of the other vehicles I own ! ha!

She's an ex army 1985 Landrover 90 with a 2.5NA engine and is in a really cracking 'unmolested' ex army condition.

Someone who I know and trust entirely fitted her with P.A.S. when she came out the services and he did a very tidy job too but other than that?... She's in absolutely 'bog standard' army condition , literally in exactly the same order that she was used by and came out of the Army.

I shall be doing some research into her service record as soon as I get the time but as far as I can work out she 'retired' about 10 years ago and I know she has had extremely 'light domestic use' ever since...

I wasn't particularly looking for a 90 but what attracted me to her is that she hasn't been messed about with at all and she really drives and feels as 'tight as a nut'....no slop, no clunking, nothing out or order and every does exactly what it should......

I'll get some more pictures up for your perusal as soon as I can but meanwhile, I'm really looking forward to owning a 'new' Landrover for a change !





src="http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h27/smiffy_2006/IMG_5710.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_5710.jpg"/></a>






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