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1960,s early 70,s olive green trousers.

boots dms

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Recently acquired , nice pair of olive green x over belt trousers,as issued in the 1960,s early 70,s for jungle deployment or warm weather (Cyprus etc). These are in really good nic, and good size 34 waist and 32 leg.Been after a pair for ages, they are getting scarce now,so good addition to the collectionPICT9263.jpg



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These are known as OG's. ( Olive Greens ) & were far superior to the later versions.

The OGs are made from Cotton & of good quality. The later Working dress trousers were in Nylon & MUCH Cheaper.

& that is why they were introduced. CHEAPER to make & subsequently inferior quality!....

When I was attached to the Paras in the Mid eighties. The OGs were MUCH sought after. & we were allowed to wear them as well as the Green Nylon trousers. 

They were much valued in the field also, as the OGs were a wider cut to the leg. & you could take a pair of soaking wet OGs off. Without having to remove your boots first! Unlike the Nylon versions, of which you could not do this!

An appreciated feature when you are tired, cold & Wet on Exercise! The rapid ability to put on warm dry clothing with the minimum of effort! 👍

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The OG "X" fastening waist trousers were of 1950 pattern and remained an item of issue tropical clothing until the introduction of DPM camouflage clothing during the period 1975-76.........a similar version was also produced in sand colour drill, usually lacking the left leg patch pocket..........

The common alternative when you couldn't obtain the above were the "Trousers, Overall, Green"......these were supposed to be worn with the "Jacket, Overall, Green", both appearing during the early 1960's to replace the old battledress-style denim's.....

The green overall trousers were largely manufactured in a heavy cotton drill fabric. They had side hip-pockets plus an open pocket on the rear right hip. During 1970-72 they were manufactured in poly-cotton (same fabric as the later lightweight trousers) and had gained an additional large patch pocket on the left leg...........the overall jacket (that also ended up in poly-cotton) and trousers were supposed to be replaced by the olive drab one-piece poly-cotton coverall's but both the trousers continued in use right up to the end of the 1970's by those who possessed them and the jacket right up into the 1990's by RM recruits......

Olive drab "TML's" (Trousers, Mens, Lightweight) in poly-cotton were introduced during 1972.....they were a new item and didn't replace anything. During the early 1980's the labels went "metric" and an additional belt loop was fitted, replacing the single rear loop with a pair either side........during the late 1990's the large left leg pocket was removed from the specification..........

Photos show a new pair of the green overall trousers made between 1970-72 in the new poly-cotton fabric.........



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They changed also. When I was first issued Trousers, Lightweight was the term for them.

They differed slightly from your photo also, in the  flap of the leg side pocket. Was Squared off rather than rounded. The same with the belt loop ends, they were squared also.  Lightweights also did not have buttons inside the waist area for braces. OR those khaki strips of material for reinforcement / hanging up.

The trousers you depict look very comfortable. & appear to reflect a thinner version of the 60 Pattern Trousers combat. Which were lined. & these above are not. As with a LOT of items in service, cost is involved!  And the much cheaper, simpler to manufacture. 'Trousers, Lightweight' replaced the above.  Lightweights did the job, but there were MUCH inferior in quality to anything preceding them in Service!

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Indeed, there were several manufacturer's involved in making these trousers over roughly a 10-12 year time frame and variations inevitably occurred. They were far baggier than the later TML's as they were designed to be worn over other trousers and therefore often worn in the field for comfort in place of the heavy green 1960 pattern combat trousers......the one's shown in my photos are at the very tail-end of production of the overall trousers, in the newer lightweight poly-cotton fabric.........

The cloth loops (tapes) inside these and other trousers were intended for use with non-button attached braces (the type with either hooks or clips).........

I was issued with the new lightweight trousers during the very early 1980's and wore these whenever I could get away with it in place of the DPM combat trousers.........woolly pully, lightweights, DMS boots and puttees, a classic, comfortable and smart combination !

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Had issued, and used, both OG and KD trousers with the crossover, buttoned buckle fastening.  No complaints.  But the kit I really liked best I acquired in Canada (cost me some duty free cigarettes) were the Canadian green nylon puttees.  I later picked up a third one after surprising some Canadian 'enemy'.  Not perfect - (they used to stretch amazingly when wet) - but much more pleasing than brown UK pattern ones.


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