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Help Identifying Rucksack


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I've recently purchased this rucksack, amongst other things, however I'm not sure as to it's intended use (other than to carry things in) or to which nation/force it would have been used by.


The guy who sold it to me seemed to think it's an old American mountain pack, any further information on what type of pack it is and a rough age would be greatly appreciated.




The long strap visible at either side is a quick release type sort of like on a post-man's satchel (except for the quick release bit)





not shown but in the main compartment is also a separate pocket of the open type.



Close up of zip makers details



As you can see the frame and shoulder straps are missing, if anybody has a spare one kicking about that they'd be willing to part with I'd be interested.

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Having looked up French packs after your suggestion that it might be, I have discovered it is as you suggested.


Here's a history of this one I found:


Sac à dos Mle. 50/53 TAP

The sac à dos Mle. 50/53 TAP is a beast of pack that weighs close to ten pounds unloaded. The pack consists of an external frame with a shelf at the bottom and a crude suspension system with a band that rests against the back part of the wearer’s waist. Attached to the frame is a very large olive drab pack bag with confusing array of straps, one large main compartment, two side pockets with snap closures, and a wide middle pocket on the back with a zipper. This pack saw little if any field use in Indochina or Algeria, which not surprising considering how large, cumbersome, and uncomfortable it is. The only evidence I have of it is one packbag lashed to the spare tire of a Hotchkiss M201 (French license-made Jeep copy) and a line of packs on the upper shelf in the barracks of an airborne unit (11e BPC, if I recall correctly). So, I surmise that the packs were issued, relegated to tasks where they didn't have to be carried, or just not used, stuck in a corner, and turned back in after a soldier’s time was up.




Now I just need to find one of these frames.





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