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  1. I have a one of these that appears to be originally painted black, 1941 dated iirc. not sure whether to get it re-done in green or brown but definitely want to change the liner at some point for a 6 7/8 from a 7.
  2. That I can remember I've only been to that one and the museum in the former Hartenstein Hotel, if I go again (but without the army like the last 5 times I've visited) I'll have a look further afield than the generic places we visit there.
  3. If it's the one with the clay impression of airborne troops scrambling out of their graves then that's the one.
  4. I've been a few times with my Corps over the past seven years but mainly stuck to the Oosterbeek and Arnhem centre areas, this was on my 3rd visit when we strayed a little bit from the normal scheme of manouvres. There's another small museum and a commonwealth war grave out that way too, can't remember the name of the museum.
  5. There's a war memorial in Holland, close to one of the drop zones made from the wheel strut of a Horsa that landed there.
  6. I have a spare corner angle I can pop in the post if you want? don't have any spare straights though.
  7. Tents 3 & 6 reserved. Tents 1,2,4 and 5 still available.
  8. as far as I can remember 1's in fairly decent state I think, w869andy has dibs on that, the other 5 have the odd small hole with obligatory black nasty/sniper tape patch ups. I'll have a better idea when I drag them out tomorrow to photograph them.
  9. Roger that, just remembered I've another one tucked at the back of the shed. I shall aim to get them dug out tomorrow when I get back to Welsh Wales and get some pictures posted up there's six available overall now.
  10. West Camp former married quarters MOD St Athan I'm only in on weekends and leave periods at the minute, this weekend I'll be in Friday and Sunday and part of Saturday.
  11. I have 5 9x9 canvasses floating about at home surplus to my requirements, I was wondering whether there would be any interest in them on here or not before I dig them out to take pictures and list them for sale. Also several dozen packets of Hexymethalenatetramine.
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