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Leyland hippo


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Hi I have owned a few hippos mk 2 and mk2b and they were renound for sticking between gears what I used to do to resolve the problem was hook a land rover onto the rear towbar with a straight tow pole and get a mate to gently rock the hippo back and forwards while I sat in the cab and put pressure on the gear lever or transfer box lever whichever was stuck. This happened to me in the rush hour at a set of traffic lights in Bristol years ago very embarrassing. I eventually took the gearbox out and overhauled it and found that there was a circlip that had broken up which I replaced and I never had the problem again. I also turned the transfer box round fitted 1200.20 tyres and it would do 50 mph interesting to stop though!! I hope this helps

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all done she is like new thanks for the advice dose anyone know how the transfer box works down for low speed up for high or better hand book for sale


From memory up is high ratio down is low, or the other way round!!!!!

Mine had the transfer box turned round so low box was in fact overdrive:nut::nut::nut:

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