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Ferret moving under its own power!


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Here is the video of the ferret driving for the first time. 5 months of work to get here and it was awesome! I drove it out to a tree and used a branch to hoist the turret off. Then I dove it back in. Its now ready for the gas tank install.


Temp guage doesnt work so I need to figure that out but otherwise it ran great!



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As others have said, congratulations.


There must be a story about the tyres.


When it is all set up and warmed the engine will run very much smoother.


So, apart from camera person, what other roles have you applied the teenager to successfully?


Keep posting, great shots



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Those tires are what you get here in the US when the correct tires arent available :)


I needed something to make it roll, so I got these tires for free from an ambulance that was due for new ones. I figure at some point if I can get this vehicle far enough along, I will try to source the correct tires. I am afraid it will be pricey to get them here in the states....


On the plus side, I fixed the temp guage!



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