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3HW Rear Chain Oiler


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In the parts catalogue under the Chaincase Group, an 'Adjuster, Rear Chain Oiler' and 'Spring, Rear Chain Oiler' are listed. Can anyone shed any light to whereabouts these items fit to the chaincase. There is small aperture at the rear of the chaincase but I am unable workout how this aperture would feed oil to the rear chain.





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Andy the 3HW has a tin chaincase and there should be a tube at the rear of the inner chaincase with another tiny spout coming out of it. The oil flow is adjusted with a pointed screw and spring similar in effect to your carb pilot air screw.


Personally I never want any more oil than is usually leaking from these bikes and I seal the oiler and put a dummy screw/spring in.


The chain is usually flinging off oil anyway that it picks up from the gearbox bearing or clutch aperture in the chaincase........If not I would just squirt some with an oil can once in a while or better still immerse it in that special melted chain grease.



3HW 215.jpg

3HW 219.jpg

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Hi Ron,


Thanks again for the information. My chain case has that aperture at the rear but no tubing. I will probably do what you have done and do away with it. Maybe tap the hole and install a plug.


On a different subject. Just got by frame back from the powders coaters who removed the old paint but also loads of filler. The filler was hiding severe pitting, tube thinning and pin holes. Needless to say they did not proceed with the powder coating. So my option now I think is just to have it as a bike to take to shows only as opposed to being able to ride it on the road as well. I guess I would use some form of filler again so it is visually ok. A pity really as it was coming along nicely.





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