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Hi All.

My name is Alun, I live in Manchester UK and have had an interest in military vehicles since I bought my first land rover about 35 yrs. ago and we all know were that leads to. Since then I have owned various Land rovers series 1, 2a, 3 and 101fc a Kraz 255b, jimmy and have at the moment a Reo M35a2 Guntruck, M35a2 Cargo and one M35 that needs restoring, but the main reason I have joined this brilliant forum is that I am in the process of renovating a Humber Pig. Please bare with me though as this is the first forum that I have ever been on and am a bit unsure of how it all works.

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Alun welcome. Tell us about your Pig please, how far have you got with it & what it was it like when you had it. Pictures would be good, do you have the registration? I may have a picture of it & can give you a basic history.


There are a few Humber owners on here, but not enough really :D

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Hi Clive, Thanks for the welcome and im so glad your my first contact as I believe you are the foremost authority

on the Humber Pig. Any information on my vehicle especially its service history would be very much appreciated.

The registration is 13BK56, I think it once lived in the cavern museum near Merseyside. I have had to replace all the breaking system, drive shaft bellows and basically all the interior had to come out, the wiring is in a sad state and the

last pice of the jigsaw is that I need a generator panel N01 Mk1. The vehicle itself is intact as all hatches and fittings are

with it , even the original jerry can holders. At the moment it has no interior, the snout ,wings, bonnet are off and it needs painting. I will post pictures when I have worked out how to :embarrassed: regards Alun

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I can well understand the brake pipes rotting out in the cavern, it was a fascinating place but not appropriate for keeping vehicles. Here it is on display.


13 BK 56 (Small).jpg


13 BK 56

Chassis No.21356

Contact No. 6/V/6443

FV1601B (B = with winch)

Date in Service 10/12/53

Delivered to 31st ‘B’ Vehicle Depot Church Broughton

Receipt Voucher CBR/R/4527

Engine No. 6172

Converted to FV1611B 1959-60

Contract No. 6/V/2/455

Stuck off Census 19/8/70

Sold DSDC Ruddington 18/11/70

Sale No.108 Lot No.1163

Price £110




The sales catalogue annotated “Me” is unfortunately not me but the dealer. He obviously reckoned yours was a good one being “OK”.


Many people would have assumed that soon after the deployment of Pigs in NI at the start of Op Banner in August 1969 was the signal to retain Pigs in reserve. But you can see from this page there were 4 good Pigs being sold off in fact these sales continued through into 1971. Then in 1972 appx 200 were repurchased!


You can use the 25A, Gen Panel No.2 they are more common & reliable than the 12A, Gen Panel No.1. But you can’t use them the other way around on a 12A system.

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