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Help with Vehicle Record Card



I know I can be a bit dense sometimes, but I also know I can count on someone on the forum to help me out.


In my quest to find out registration info for my new Militant Tanker, I managed to get the record card for my Timber Tractor. I was told years ago, by letter from RLC, it did not exist, but with their new digital pay to view archive there it was. So I paid me money and downloaded it.


01BP60 Record Card.jpg


Well pleased with my result except some of it does not make sense and I'm after a bit of translation.


I can understand the Date Into Service 4/4/55, but first entry on the location section is CVD Ashchurch 8/11/66 That leaves an 11 year gap


What is Group ARN and Sub Group ARN, they have dates in the sixties


and lastly any idea on the entry Pool 2 Wis.??? 14/6/67


All suggestions and opinions most welcome, thanks folks

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I believe Class refers to the Reliability Class


Class 1 - for first 60% of planned life

Class 2 - for next 40% of planned life

Class 3 - over planned life


The dates give the periods of attaining the Class.


I believe ARN is the Applicability Reference Number that defines responsibility of repair & maintenance whether that is done by first, second or third line units, the trade involved & the tasks required.


There is a vast amount of stuff defining these activities in EMER MANAGEMENT. I have 9 ring binders of this stuff & find it overwhelmingly complicated & I still can't understand the structure.


Examples of the last letter trade/task indicator


A - Repaired by Vehicle Mechanic

B - Renewed by Vehicle Mechanic

C - Repaired by Control Equipment Technician

D - Renewed by Control Equipment Technician

E - Repaired by Electrician

F - Renewed by Electrician


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Thanks for the info, Clive. I remember the repair class bit, now, it also applied to Engineer Plant, and was sometimes shown as a colour coding of Green, Yellow and Red. I also remember getting involved in EMERs and AESPs, I know what you mean about them being hard to decipher.


I think I was expecting to see a list of Units and locations showing who it had been issued to, and was surprised to see first entry is eleven years into its service

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