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What's happening on AFRA site?


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Site seems to have closed down today.


For the last month it has been very difficult to log into, although I did manage to renew & get my new card. When I have got in I have tried to register attendance at particular events & extract a Risk Assessment but it won't accept an event registration. I did email them yesterday & I know its early days but was a bit concerned now the site has gone. Anyone know what the story is?

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I've been able to log in for a week or so with no problem. I can see my profile & see the list of 2016 events. But click on "Attend" it takes me to the Risk Assessment for that event. Unable to change any of the fields, at the bottom of the page click on "Attend" & it just refreshes that page. When I come out & look at the Events calendar it doesn't register as me attending.


In my profile it has a list of events I attended last year, but I can't clear them.


I asked Emma some days ago, but not heard back. Has anyone managed to register their events for this year & get a RA?

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