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Then and now in Normandy


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I had one clear goal whilst out in Normandy back in June for the 71st commemorations of D-Day and that was to recreate one of my favourite photographs taken during the invasion. It shows paratroopers from the 506th PIR, 101st Airborne towing a M3A4 Handcart with a jeep meeting up with troops coming up from Utah Beach. It gets better as in the background there are two Horsa gliders.


After a bit of research, I'd found out that the photograph was taken on the crossroads of the D115 and the D913, inbetween Utah Beach and St. Marie du Mont.


So with a bit of traffic management, I manoeuvred my jeep into what I thought was roughly the position and my wife took the shot. When I overlaid the photo over the original, I was amazed at how close we'd gotten it.


I hope you like it.






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Fairplay thats excellent ;) \i love the 'then and now' format of pictures it really brings it to life ...

I had immense fun with my old Dad back in 2004 when we had 3 weeks over there recreating lots of great pictures for him :)

was this in the meadows sort of behind Pegasus Bridge ?..... We pulled the camper into a park there one afternoon and got talking to the owners old father who was very eager to tell us the history of the campsite when he realised we were obvioously there for a nostalgic visit .he marched us about iup and down the lane and between our language problems ! we learnt that the park and the field on the other side of the road were both big drop zones for gliders on the night of June 5th :):)

oops sorry just realised you said this was by Utah somewhere :)

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