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Ferret oil cooler and oil filter lines


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In trying to find replacement hoses for the oil cooler and oil filter I am having a bit of of a problem. It seems that all the places that make hydraulic hoses don't carry a hose that's compatible with hot engine oil. The bulk of the line they carry tops out 212 degrees and hot oil could go beyond that. They have a braided stainless steel hose that can handle the temp but it will leak if kinked.


My question is, what is everyone else doing to replace these lines? Is there a source of new ones somewhere or a supplier that has the proper hose? As always, any help would be much appreciated :)



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Have a look at the hoses from Gates:-




Here is one that maybe suitable as long as it is compatible with your unions - Temperature Range: Petroleum-base fluids: -40°F to +300°F (-40°C to +149°C):-



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I assume that you are in the US and the 212 degrees is Fahrenheit. I would have thought that hydraulic oil often goes above that temperature but more importantly can often be at 2500 psi. The engine oil hoses will never have to take 1/30 of that pressure so can afford to be a bit nearer the edge of their performance. You do have an oil pressure warning light and I would hope that any leakage would be noticed way before it mattered as a Ferret has quite a large oil tank and the hoses are not going to fail catastrophicly anyway. The originals are just ordinary hydraulic hose of 60 years ago so are not made of anything exotic. I would use ordinary modern hydraulic hose.



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