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Autocar U7144T

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Yesterday we went to Philadelphia , Pennsylvania to pick up the newest addition to the motor pool. A 1944 Autocrat 7144T with 10 ton trailer. The truck currently has 11.00x 20's on it. Engines runs smooth, several bits to sort, nothing to difficult. The carb needs attention from sitting, the water pump leaks and a electric fuel pump was installed. I have a NOS water pump and fuel pump in stock. So, a fresh tune up is order and thats where we will stop.


John G




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Over the past several weeks before I start my new career on Monday (retired from the first one after 28 and 1/2 years) I have been spending quality time with with the Autocar.

A new water pump was installed, rebuilt the carb, rebuilt the fuel pump, installed an NOS distributor, rebuilt the rear brake chambers (leaking) attended to a few other air leaks, fixed the exhaust leak, changed the coolant, gear oil and engine oil 2 twice, it was time to take it on a shake down run, which was done last week at the steam association I belong too. Today, I let my 17 year old son operate it. He certainly has the shifting down, making his dad very proud. Attached are some you tube videos I took today.


John G




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John - agree 100% on the look of the 11.00 x 20 tyres. The 9.00s seem so undersized in proportion to the truck.


My 7144 came home with 12.00 x 20 tyres on 11.0 x 20 rims, which gave it a very slightly Tonka Toyish appearance.

A change of tyres to 11.00 x 20 worked wonders for its appearance.

Only the experts would ever notice the re-writing of history! :cool2:

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