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English Electric Thunderbird Mk2

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Greetings all. This is a bit of a long shot (pun intended :-D)


I'm after any info on the English Electric Thunderbird Mk2 please if anyone can help. Specifically; the missile itself & the launcher base/carrier trailer with the removable axles. Not so much the re-supply trailer, radar, & generators though.


I know Muckleburgh has one in the erect position (opposite a Bloodhound). Firepower at Woolich also has one erected.

But does anyone know of others, ideally in private hands maybe ?. Museum & gates guard missiles are usually erected & that makes them difficult to measure up.


Or....anyone have any user handbooks, drawings, manuals, publications etc they might be prepared to photocopy ?....all costs happily covered of course.


All info gratefully received......many thanks in advance.:tup::

Howard @ KFS



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Midland air museum looks to have but it is devoid of its four boosters and is not on the proper trailer so may be of limited use. I guess you could estimate some of the other measurements if you can get a firm fix on the core missile?

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Howard a bit of luck, I have found the ISPL I was looking for.


I think you will like these, there are seven proper line drawings showing not just the missile, separate drawings of warhead bay, body, body tube, tail cone, rocket motor assembly.


There are no measurements of course, no cross-sectional views but nice clean proper drawing with lots finicky bibs & pops that modellers love :)


I'll start scanning & send them over.

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Thanks Timbo...yes indeed...getting to grips with the uncluttered missile tube is a must. Once I get basic dims from the missile making a drawing is one step easier. I'll have a look for the one you mentioned. Good idea, cheers.:thumbsup:


g0ozs........not sure if its the same example, but that is certainly an excellent set of images you linked to. Many many thanks for that. The overhead shots especially. Thats where I would have struggled with the Muckleburgh example. :banana:



Clive, 'you da man' as usual. Have replied to your mails...those scans absolutely invaluable sir. :bow:


Sincere thanks to all so far.

Howard @ KFS

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