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Hello from across the pond

Csm Davis

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Hello lady's and gentlemen my name is Jeff I live in the deep south part of the USA. I have been around military vehicles all my life. Second generation US Marine and retired, and i sell military vehicle parts and trucks. I am a diesel mechanic and avionics electronics technician by trade. I am a M809 and M939 expert I own several and have cut up hundreds and have moved thousands. I don't know everything about them but have lots to share and access to get almost any answers. I have a few parts trucks left and I am building a couple of neat trucks to keep, I want to start traveling and not work so much as my health is not the greatest anymore. I look forward to getting to know all of y'all. :D


sent from my decrepit fingers

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Hello Jeff


I have also just joined the group and you are the first person i have spoken too and i am pleased because i am looking for an M809 at the moment i just love the NHC250 and as a young lad my dad run truck over the European Continent which gave me the inspiration and confidence to drive my 4x4 around the world in 2008, i spent time in Alaska and lower USA as of many countries, i love big trucks very much and am lucky where i live in Scotland for the environment to enjoy something like the M809 giving it the jobs it needs keeping those cylinder barrels shiny .


Rgs Tim

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