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Remembrance Day, Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada

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Many of us in the local MV community have been struggling to find an appropriate place to display our vehicles at this time of the year. Many of the Legion events no longer have walking parades with vehicles behind as the Veterans do not walk any more.


Locally I discovered that the sister island to the one I live on in the St Lawrence holds an open air service and laying of wreaths at the Township Offices and War memorial.


As I farm and the fall (autumn) harvest occurs at this time it was a grey issue if I could attend anyway. I had rattled a few peoples cages and tried to convince others to go regardless of the weather but they are all volunteers and this means taking a day off work.


Three others committed to go and I was able to be free having sent the last of our corn to the elevator on Tuesday the 10th.


For me this event would be the last of the year, so I thought.


Backing up the timings we had to be at the Kingston Ferry Terminal to catch the 0830 hrs sailing on the Wolfe Islander III. We would be in competition with the grain trucks going onto the island and in the end it was a close thing that we all made the same sailing.


First I had to get off our Howe Island to go collect a friend by way of the 3 car Township cable Ferry



Nov 11 Wolfe 2.jpg

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We met up in Kingston for the trip on the Wolfe Islander III.


We even had an Army Cadet with us, the son of the Iltis Owner.


The Ferret lives on Wolfe Island and isn't here on the ferry, and the Iltis was jammed in and I could not get a photo.


The red and white vessel behind the Land Rover at the dock is a joint Canadian Coast Guard and RCMP cutter that is based here and patrols the border area in the St Lawrence and Lake Ontario.

Nov 11 Wolfe 4.jpg

Nov 11 Wolfe 6.jpg

Nov 11 Wolfe 7.jpg

Nov 11 Wolfe 5.jpg

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The event is supported by the Cadets from The Royal Military College in Kingston and they provide an honour guard and cadets accompany the wreath laying to give a salute.


Even the 3 local schools turn out their classes to attend the event and representative kids including these pre schoolers lay a wreath.


Brigadier General David Patterson, himself a resident of the island laid a wreath on behalf of the Canadian Armed Forces. He is shown standing next to David Parker the owner of the Mk1 Ferret.


It is a really well done ceremony.

Nov 11 Wolfe 9.jpg

Nov 11 Wolfe 13.jpg

Nov 11 Wolfe 12.jpg

Nov 11 Wolfe 10.jpg

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After a sumptuous lunch in the community hall afterwards, free to everyone attending, it was time for us to line back up for the ferry. I was treated to a visit in the wheelhouse of the ferry as we approached Kingston.


The others were done with Ferries but I had a trip over the County Ferry back Howe Island, by this time the drizzle had started and the spell of wonderful weather was over.


My thanks to all involved


Robin Craig

Nov 11 Wolfe 14.jpg

Nov 11 Wolfe 15.jpg

Nov 11 Wolfe 16.jpg

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Intrestingly John Mc Crae's brother Thomas was Surgeon General of the Ontario Military Hospital in England. It is now known as the Canada Wing of the Orpington Hospital. I go past it most days.


As an aside, a few years back the NHS wanted to demolish the block and sell the ground for housing, much to the disgust of us locals. A short sharp letter from the Cnadian Goverment pointed out the NHS don't own the site The people of Canada own it! :-D

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