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Callum M

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Well here goes;

I have no military connection and the closest I can get to anything historic is my 1989 Landy 90 which I've owned for a year - my first ever Landy and already had its engine out, gearbox changed, turbo refurbished, 1/3 chassis replaced, etc.


I seem to be developing an interest in vintage vehicles and after a bit of research have been drawn to the Bedford MWD/MWC vehicles. I also notice that they are pretty rare and therefore quickly snapped up, so my chances of ownership are pretty slim already.


I'd like to do a rebuild and have read and re-read Rampant Rivet's Bedford MW Resto/build blog - fantastic stuff and very inspiring.

Or maybe I should start with a freshly rebuilt one (if I ever have the chance to get one).


Thanks for the good reading so far. Looking forwards to much more. Being in the Highlands, I'm a bit far from all those wonderful Shows but I'll just need to plan a trip and make a wee holiday of it next summer.



Callum M


PS: I've thrown £5 into the HMVF pot as I think this Forum and its aims are very worthwhile. Keep it up!

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Ooooooooooo er !!! they're very addictive wee trucks you know and I have really enjoyed working on the resto of mine, somewhere on here are posted pics of a nice MW up in Scotland that looked ripe for restoration I did think of having a look but the distance was too great. Can't remember who posted the details but if I do I'll pass details on to you I think it was nr Stirling

You never know it may still be sat in the field where the pic was taken though it was a while ago, welcome to the HMVF and good luck with hunting down an MW they are about just elusive.


Regarding whether to restore or buy one already done it depends on a number of factors which include cost of a vehicle already "sorted" against something that's cheaper but needs work bearing in mind missing parts, I've been lucky in finding some rare missing parts but am still looking for early engine side panels 2 1/2 years into a 3 year project.


Good huntin and I'm glad you enjoy my ramblings :-D



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