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Another Ferret (fuel tap and tank) question..................

Chris Preston

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'Afternoon All,



As I've been pondering a leaking fuel tap in our Ferret, I've temporarily resolved this by cracking the fuel tank filler cap to release any pressure in there which may be contributing to said leaking fuel tap.........which it was !!



Is the Ferret's fuel tank supposed to be pressurized? If not what are the most likely causes for it not venting properly (where should I be looking)?



In the meantime, I'll be removing the fuel tap and replacing the gasket seal in it shortly.



Thanks in advance for your suggestions.






Chris Preston,

Victoria, BC,


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Thanks everyone for your help.


I located and took apart the Fuel Tank Roll-Over valve and related hoses and cleaned everything out - no spiders but a lot of dust and other particulate matter in the system. The valve is now back together and looks like it's working as designed. I'll remount it next Tuesday and test the system. One of the things we discovered was that prior to taking everything apart, the hose that's supposed to be connected to the vent between the two rear visors was in fact led into the engine compartment and venting directly over the exhaust manifold !!! I don't know who did that, but it looks to have been that way for some time !




Chris Preston :)

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