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Numbers found on Austin K9 radio body....Any clues?


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Hi guys,


I've been preparing my K9 for paint, and found these numbers under all the old paint. Anyone any idea what they could be for? I'd like to reapply them if they actually mean something.




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It is the old Equipment Code Number introduced in 1955, prior to that it was 4 digits + 2 digits + 3 digits. Your vehicle seems not to have had an earlier code.


The 1955 system was comprehensive but understandable unlike the system that replaced it in 1967. Two FOI applications has revealed that the MOD holds no information on the structuring of that 4 digit + 4 digit system.


Although 4 + 4 is still use as for Asset Management the structuring of the system nowadays is quite different. So in service equipment is all 4 + 4 but some equipment is based on the earlier system for which the MOD today are unable to determine how was derived.

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Here is the page that includes your vehicle added to the bottom line.


This appears in Equipment Regulations 1955 Pamphlet No.8 Nomenclature and Coding of 'A' 'B' & 'C' Vehicles

Although this is dated April 1956, the date of the amendments has been neglected to be recorded.



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Thank you Clive and Richard. :)


So would this be a unique number to this K9, or would it have been shared with all K9's with the same equipment?


Thanks again!


Not unique to a particular vehicle, but used for a particular type, there are a host of numbers for K9's with signals type bodies. Sorry I could not pin it down closer.

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Yes Richard is correct, I should have put my glasses on in my enthusiasm to dig out examples. Neither can I find yours in any lists.


Looking at the structure of 314679-01-235:


3 = Type - Truck

1 = Capacity - 1-Ton

4 = Category - GS

679 = Function - Not listed but "6" covers Command & Wireless

0 = No Function Qualification

1 = 4x4

235 = Austin K9 (but not Mk 1 or Mk 2)

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You're wecome, how original is your truck, mine has been re-wired and while the electrics function (most of the time) they are hardly original looking. I am intending to try and reistate a more original look and would appreciate any pics of the correct layout of the control box and any fuse/terminal boxes on the bulk head on the drivers side. The workshop manual has some layout illustrations but they are so small as to be useless unfortunately.

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