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Spitfire sale


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Probably the only original part is the airframe ID plate!


Well having read the book you are not that far wrong.

The airframe is completely new.

The tyres are of course brand spanking new, remanufactured to original bald type at great expense.

De Havilland 2 pitch propellor was reverse engineered from crash salvage, as no plans available.

There are a few iriginal parts that are not critical and could be salvaged.


The engine block is the one that was in it when it crashed, been rebuilt of course.

The guns in it are not original as the French army had them away shortly after it was dragged up the beach. They actually fired one.



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Probably the only original part is the airframe ID plate!


Last year apparently, Bonhams auction house sold the fuselage data plate & a bit of alloy belonging Hess's Bf110 , looted - it had been squirreled away for abt. 75 years.


Probably some anorak is lofting away in his shed ,on the basis of a Airfix kit - what ££$$ price for the Deputy Fuhrer's Messerschmitt when it flies LoL



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