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Militant question

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I need to remove the power steering ram from my Militant Mk3 to cure a fluid leak but cannot get the ball joint connecting the drop arm to the ram disconnected. I have tried the usual striking the end of the drop arm with a heavy hammer to no avail and cannot find any kind of puller that will fit. The drop arm almost touches the ram, and immediately behind the drop arm there is a light metal pressed dust shield/clip on the ram which would be easily damaged by using any kind of wedge arrangement.

Has anyone done this, and if so how?

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I managed to remove power steering ram off the Militant for repair without too much hassle, What about slacken the ram taper pin nut until it is flush with end of pin threads so as not to cause unwanted damage, place a bottle jack base onto something solid like leaf spring or chassis rail so as the bottle jack sits horizontal pump jack until the top of the jack is now pushing onto the nut on the taper pin, apply an amount of pressure with the jack and then strike/shock the drop arm eye, hopefully with the pressure from the jack and strike/shock the pin will pop out of the drop arm eye, the nut stop's the steering ram falling out and bottle jack lands on the ground. I sometimes use this type of method the remove truck wheels that have rusted on to the hubs.

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I have modified an existing puller by replacing the end cap with a thinner slotted piece to allow it to go between the drop arm and the ram without destroying the dust cover clip, although as you may see from the attached pics it has deformed it slightly however this should be easily restored once I can get the thing off.

The bolt is 1 3/8" x 10tpi which seems to be an unusual thread (an Acme thread), but as you can see this is not an Acme thread form.

I will persevere with more heat and an even longer bar on the spanner and hope to keep out of the way when it finally (hopefully) cracks off!


Puller in situ.jpg

Ram arrangement.jpg

Ram front.jpg

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