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  1. I did wonder why the one you fitted had such a deep subframe, I'm thinking of about 4"-5" subframe and looking at fitting 16.00 20 wheels/tyres if i find a set at reasonable cost (any body got a set???) anything more than this and I will struggle to reach into the lockers. I knew you had the yellow cab Steven, to be honest I never thought I would get the same gear again after I missed out on the gear you had offered to me, small world it is!!
  2. Yes looking to refit the Atlas crane back into that space, it was only removed to allow measuring & fitting of the recovery gear & locker body, a remount of fuel tank of & battery box will be required also.
  3. Made a start on the summer project today, just checking the fit, gear needs to sit a bit higher on chassis rails, the gear is from one of the Foden 6x6 prototypes same as what Cosrec fitted to a DROPS chassis
  4. I like the white backing on the reflectors I think it looks neater, all my reflector backings were left white when I painted my milly.
  5. I would say your purchase of the s26 is a good choice made, however I would say that as am a little biased, I have a S26 that used to be a SLDT then converted to snow plough for stornoway airport & tow a sweeper trailer behind.
  6. Good to see, what the plans for it, restore, modify or is it just for the toy box???
  7. Some photos of the Foden and the Scammell hitching a lift. The journey down was ok until we got to the show field to unhitch and found that one of the retaining R clips in the main lifting pins that goes through the Scammell lifting eye had snapped and the pin was found to have been working its way out :wow::wow:, the R clip was fitted prior to setting off.
  8. There he is the man that now owns the Millitant (Julez), good to hear/know your pleased with the purchase. Nick I'm not sure if I will have any paint codes/numbers but I will check I got two different colors of green satin from Tor Paints a bit from one tin and about twice as much from the other tin to get the color and shade that I wanted, see what I find over next couple days. Will post up a couple more photos of Foden towing the Scammell S26 to the local show at Corbridge this weekend coming, while on the Scammell note even though this is a Foden thread I'm on the lookout for some w
  9. Nick, I had the Militant for around 8 - 10 years or so, but she was sold about 3-4 months ago and now lives near Hastings area, the guy who bought it drove it back home from Northumberland to Hastings 12 hrs :wow: not bad I think with the old girl. I'v been following your progress with yours very good keep goin you'l get to the end eventually. There was no major reason that the Foden needed to be on the back of the Militant other than a bored Sunday and spare time to play.
  10. Shame they managed to get it, out best place for that jeep would be left at the bottom of that pond
  11. Try David Crouch from crouch recovery, or think I remember a guy called Wayne Medows advertising Foden recovery equip.
  12. If you were to sit in the winchmans seat at back of cab behind drivers seat, the levers i think you are talking about are the one next to the window & on your right hand side is the hand throttle control, and the one on your left is for engaging the winch gear box to the transfer box, think you need your transfer box lever (high/low) to be in neutral position before you can engage winch lever into position, hope this helps!!!
  13. Thought Id share a couple pics of my Foden recovery Military Reg no 35 KE 26, fully kitted except for snatch blocks and a couple bits of the wooden planks, now lives on A69 Northumberland.
  14. Been up to workshop tonight, 1st photo, unidentified item sitting on spade of Milly It does line up with mounting lugs/holes, so maybe it is for the Milly????. 2nd photo remembered I got some other stuff on the same pallet of the unidentified item. 3rd &4th photo close ups of some items that may go with original unidentified item. 5th photo it sits inside of lugs on the front of the Foden EKA recovery so its not for that. Whats your thoughts????????????
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