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The Motor-Bus in War. A.M.Beatson , 1918.

Richard Peskett

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I have only ever seen one original copy of this very rare book. Originally published in 1918 it has now been reprinted and is available on ABE Books for about £7 through your letterbox. It is an account of being an ASC officer in the Mechanical Transport Supply Column of an Indian Cavalry Division during two and a half years at the front. The reprint is good quality and is a good first hand account of the use of mechanical transport in WW 1.





Richard Peskett.

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I have an original copy and it is a strangely titled book. The ASC company is recorded as being the 1st Indian Cavalry Division Supply Column which was 89 Coy ASC. I also have their records and they tie in with the dates and ships used to move from Avonmouth to Rouen and also the Establishment. The problem is that they never had a bus! Quite why A.M. Beatson called it The Motor-Bus in War is anybodies guess.

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I gather 'Bus' was the general term for any motorised transport, including aircraft and tanks.


Yes, 'bus' was a general slang for motor vehicles, but 'motor-bus' is far more precise. I think the buses referred to in the book are LGOC B-types, but they had already been converted to lorries when the company were issued with them.

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