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Any ideas on these film stills?

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Not a vehicle question but someone on here just might have a better idea than me :-) These are stills taken from a film, possibly made by a member of the army officially/unofficially?. Sorry about the quality but these are the best stills that could currently be extracted. It was filmed in the 50's or 60's - fixing the date is one main question. The troops are York and Lancaster Regiment. The film shows British and then foreign troops disembarking from a train, unloading the crates of 'bazooka' rounds (I'm guessing that is what they are, given one bloke is carrying two launchers over his shoulder) Identifying the foreign troops might help fix where and when. My guess from the trees etc and railway carriage in the background of one shot is it is Suez and the foreign troops are French. If it had been a loading job then it could have been maybe Danish helping them. Anyhow, open to suggestions.


An archive is wanting to get a better idea of what is happening on the film.


York & Lancaster Regiment abroad four a.jpg


York & Lancaster Regiment abroad five a.jpg


York & Lancaster Regiment abroad one a.jpg


York & Lancaster Regiment abroad three a.jpg


York & Lancaster Regiment abroad two a.jpg

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