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Sankey trailer B card decipher help appreciated


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I have just bought a narrow track sankey to tow behind a series 3 109.

I have the B Card but it has had conversions from one thing to another on it, just wondered what they meant?

any other help deciphering greatly appreciated.







I will post pics of trailer once my camera is found

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It looks like it was originally a standard cargo trailer when delivered to the storage depot at Feltham, then went to Marconi on loan, reading between the lines it would appear to have been converted shortly after to have a generator installed. This looks as though it was related to radar as all the units it served in are related to AA or Air Defence. This is why there have been changes. the last one being to revert to a standard cargo role before disposal at British Car Auctions at Belle Vue, Manchester. Interesting that it was with RRE, Malvern in 1969, then later, back there to Radar Branch in 1973, then the following year after being in store at Ashchurch it was issued to a TA unit who I am sure were also based in Malvern, 104 Lt AD Regt. (The drill hall was in the next road to my grandparents as I recall)


cheers Richard

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The Asset Codes in the order they are written are defined as:


2855-0711 Trailer, 3/4 Ton, 2-wheeled, Cargo, Pressed Steel


5656-0711 Trailer, 3/4 Ton, 2-wheeled, Generator 3.5 KVA Single Phase


2855-0711 Trailer, 3/4 Ton, 2-wheeled, Cargo, Pressed Steel


2852-0747 Trailer, 3/4 Ton, 2-wheeled, Cargo, Various makers


I can only assume the final code change was the the Army were no longer interested having a sub-category that defined the maker.

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