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  1. I have just bought a narrow track sankey to tow behind a series 3 109. I have the B Card but it has had conversions from one thing to another on it, just wondered what they meant? any other help deciphering greatly appreciated. I will post pics of trailer once my camera is found
  2. What is a MOULD repeater? sorry new to all this radio stuff :blush:
  3. I have just bought a series 3 109" FFR and wondered if anyone can give any information on its history, use or equipment that would have been inside it? the plate says TRUCK UTILITY, FFR 3/4T, 4x4 RHD. ROVER SERIES 3 Reg No 18 GX 33 Con No FVE 22A/69 Code No 1720-0778 NSN 2320-99-893-2842 It has a hardtop on it and a load off extra stuff I have not seen before I think for radio equipment and mains power stuff.
  4. I just bought a series 3 FFR and wondered what these bits were?
  5. So does that mean that mines might be an Army one? On the heritage certificate from the British Motor Industry Heritage Centre it states the buying dealer was the War Office. It also lists a load of extras, such as wipers, locks, hardtop and rear seats but they are all long gone:embarrassed:
  6. The Armstrong sales brochure shows a mounting on the handlebars for a sterling smg and seen one for sale a while ago. Never seen one in real life or know if they were ever used though.
  7. The model looks great, glad you put that up as I was going to take the panels of the roof and straighten them but they are the same on the roof of your model. Maybe just leave them as they are:-) My one is a close reg as well 08 FL 65.
  8. Bought this from PA Blanchards about a month ago and working on getting it back up and running first then tidy up as I go. Put some fresh fuel and a new Battery on it and fired up right away with no knocks bangs etc:-) It must have been sitting for quite some time as army disposed of it in 1998 so all brake pipes, cylinders and shoes were replaced first. All the light lenses were missing but the fittings were still there so found the glass lenses for indicators and side/brake lights and replaced the headlights for the halogen replacement ones. A wee bit welding on an outrigger and the floor area of the bulhead was done. MOT'd last week and now waiting for the DVLA to come and inspect it to get registered, they want to inspect it as its date into service was 74 but was constructed in 1971. I will get some later pics up as I get work done. Hopefully be at first car show in May.
  9. Hello, I am Ian from Edinburgh and just joined the forum. I have a Harley Davidson MT350 motorbike I have had for a number of years and have recently bought a Land Rover series 2a ambulance. I hope to have the ambulance up and running for next month as it shouldn't need too much work to get on the road.
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