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WW2 camo net size?

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Notes on concealment and camouflage . Military Training Pamphlet No.26 1939 lists materials suitable for camouflage.


Netting - Twine (double string), square mesh


Netting - Wire, generally 3-in. mesh


No mention of size for twine netting. Although for 3 in. mortars "shrimp net" was to be used.


100yd rolls of canvas strips were available in 2 in. & 3 in. widths in 4 shades to be tied into the netting. This was based on 2 in for 14' x 14' & 3 in. for larger nets.

Camouflage. Military Training Pamphlet No.46 Part 6: Notes on screens 1941 talks about portable screens for snipers & bren gun teams using 2 in. open-mesh fish net. Nothing about bigger nets.


Although this isn't wartime Concealment in the Field 1957 list 40 nets of various kinds & they are all 3 in. mesh with 2 in. Hessian strips of various colours tied in various configurations.


There was a thread a few years ago on this question & I remember contributing to it. But I have been unable to find it on search.


I have another book somewhere that might mention it but can't find it at present.


I would have imagined a 2 in. mesh for anything but small areas would make it unnecessarily heavy & have been an uneconomic use of twine compared with 3 in.


I could find no mention of Hessian strips in the WW2 booklets, it was canvas strips.

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