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Browning Hi Power


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Hi everyone, for Christmas I was given a deactivated Hi Power, which as im sure you can appreciate im over the moon with.



I believe its a Mk2 with steel action serial number 75c36129, and has two stamps that I cant make out, but look like a bomb or an oval with a crown on one end and something inside it. Im using it to stand in for an L9 which I just could not afford at the moment, but just out of interest I wondered if anyone was able to tell me anything about it's actual past or what the two stamps mean?





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Nothing different, all the L9 were Belgian made and puchased in two big batches starting in 1967.

The reality of service life was that the parts from these two batches were mixed up in servicing and overhaul , (we were happy if it worked and cared not for aesthetics) so the chances of finding a 'pure' L9 are slim. There were variations of hammers and grips for example, depending what came out of the packet in stores.

Enjoy your gift, in almost every respect it's an L9.

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As Snowdrop has said, they're nothing more than the markings and the fact that they were made to contract for the MOD. Your gun was a straight out of store gun sold on a commercial contract and could easily have gone to somewhere like Israel for the IDF. The later MOD purchased guns had no L9 markings but were still classed as the L9 in British service. It was the cost of buying replacement L9s and parts that pushed the MOD into purchasing Glocks. No one will admit it but the preferred replacement for the L9 was the Sig Saur but the Glock was cheaper so you can guess what happened.

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