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Anyone used Waeco compressor fridge?


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I'm fed up with lugging a 3-way fridge with 42 litre capacity & a gas bottle around shows. All I want is a few cold beers, hard butter & non-rancid bacon.


I have dismissed solid state electronic cool boxes that draw about 4 amps at 12 volts continuously as inappropriate when parked up at a show.


I have just realised that there are low power compressor fridges that only draw current during the compression cycle. Some of these are dual voltage 12v & 24v the smallest drawing 2.5A & 1.25A respectively during compression. Furthermore there is a low battery warning cut-out so there is some juice for starting the vehicle.


The lowest capacity one I can find is 10.5 litres, this is the Waeco CDF11.


Has anyone any experience of this? Are they reliable & how many days might it last at an average warmth show? I don't need to have ice cubes in my beer, so 5-10 deg C would be as cold as I would want. I would only run it during the daytime as it is cooler at night & it might be a bit annoying trying to sleep with this thing turning on & off.


Waeco seem to be the only company making a fridge with this low capacity, it is not externally as small as I thought but that must be due to a good thickness of insulation.


A bit early to think of summer I know!

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Hi Clive

I have a Terrafirma compressor fidge and I regret not getting one sooner mine is a lot larger than the one your looking at but I run it off a normal 12v battery it stays cold has never run the battery flat even over a long weekend. Its quiet and keeps food and drink cold.


Just my thoughts I have never measured how many amps it draws but the blurb says 2=3 amps! That's only when its chilling. They are well insulated and mine has a large fitted quilt!


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I gave up with my gas fridge and now have two Waeco fridges a portable CDF 18 and CR50 fridge in my campervan, Excellent products the CDF18 has run a for a week at a time on a large 12 volt battery at w&p no problem, it freezes down very quickly and then can be set to a level where the compessor cuts in infreqently, yes the temperature is adjustable from a freezer to chiller thus using very little power, running on 24 volt I would think a very small battery drain, even turning it off at night it maintains low temperature, they are not affected by outside air temperature, very quiet running and evidently very reliable, the CDF 11 you mention is very small capacity worth thinking about the CDF 18, they are on Ebay new from £300,.. well worth it



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Thank you Nick I need to do some size comparisons in the space available in the various vehicle. But I think the CDF15 externally isn't that much bigger than the CDF11.


Not sure whether to buy now when prices might be lower because people aren't camping & dealers want some trade. But I might find by next season there will be a better model.


The CFX range looks more robust & efficient but as yet they don't do it in smaller sizes.

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Got a compressor fridge in my Cyclone Camper, it's 11yrs old now and it will still run for a long weekend without flattening the leisure battery no problems. If I cool it down on the mains hookup before leaving home and put food in it from the house fridge it will last maybe four or five days without re-charging the battery by running the engine for a while. It is set to stop running before the battery level drops to low a certain point.


It's the way to go Cliv as your gas for cooking will for ages as well.

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Thanks Bernard, this all looks encouraging to go with a compressor. These 40 litre 3-way fridges are too bulky for my needs, but for maximum efficiency I feel I have to stuff it full, then that makes it difficult to get to bacon at the bottom with the squashed tomatoes that always seem to end up there. I see there is a version of those that runs of the smaller cooker type disposable can. But it not the sort of thing I want to run in a vehicle from a safety aspect & all the fiddle of getting it level. Then endless frustration trying to get the piezo starter to strike.


So just got to decide whether to go for CDF11 or CDF16 which is only slightly bigger externally for a significant internal increase. The smaller one would do but there are things lettuce, mushrooms etc that have to be stored somewhere & in the fridge is a safe place.


Part of the loss of space on the boy's model are the recesses on the top for two opened cans to fit. Fine if you are using it as a glorified chubby box between the front seats, but that is not where I want it to fit.


I think I shall cut out some pieces of cardboard to mimic the space each version might occupy. Pig & Wolf no problem but I'm rather pushed for space in the Shorland & I want to tuck away evidence of domesticity to the back of it.


I'm going to sell the 9x9 which should fund the cooler. Erecting it is not a massive problem, but if I find it necessary to relocate to a different pitch at a show it is too much of a fiddle to dismantle. So I should be self contained, cool & have some power left in my battery. Well at least the Pig & Shorland have starting handles :D

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