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Bedford TM 6x6 info help and photos please for 1/24 scratchbuild model project


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Bedford TM 6x6 load bed photos or diagrams needed for a model project I am trying to put together !!!!! Any help greatly appreciated !!!!!! Trying to build in 1/24 scale but having problems finding any good photos of the load bed and arrangement of the tie downs and container lock down points compared to the 4x4 TM that I have full info on !!!!!


Hope you guys out there might own one or even know of someone who owns one that could rattle off a couple of pics of top and underside !!!! Any other photos or info greatly appreciated !!!!!


Am working on the 4x4 TM at the moment but building up the research to move on to the 6x6 either in parallel or shortly after !!!!!




Lots of fantastic help from guys on here (you know who you are) already to get where I am with the build !!!!! Could not have got it as accurate without there valuable help !!!!!


All the very best



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