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CVR(T) prisms, sights, and periscopes. List, details, and interchange


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Greeting all,

I'm trying to work out all the different variations of optics used on the CVRT series, partly out of curiosity and partly to fill some holes in the turret and hull. :)


No42: Cupola periscope,

any breakdown on MK# vs. application/year?



Drivers Periscope, any breakdown on MK# vs. application/year?


No52: Gunners day sight for Scimitar/Sabre. Would it also fit a Scorpion?

(obviously the ranging and such would be off but if I'm not shooting anybody and just want to fill the hole)

No. 54 - Gunners day sight, suitable for Scorpion

No. 62 - Commanders sight for Spartan and Striker

No. 68, 71 & 75, Commanders day sights for Scorpion, Scimitar & Sabre. How are these different?


What # are the hull-side blocks on a Spartan?




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