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Honor for Hero who saved London from WWII flooding

abn deuce

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Read this story in the Local Paper today , It was a amazing story of very brave resourceful group of men men who did a vital job who went unnamed during WWII and who's action had been total forgotten until recently. They will now receive that overdue attention with a plaque . Did any one else know any thing of this story before now ?


Here is the link http://www.omaha.com/news/world/honor-for-hero-who-saved-london-from-wwii-flooding/article_eee08842-650e-5c87-a9db-51a579105204.html

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I've not heard of him or his team before, but it makes a lot of sense for them to be there.

Look at how much money we throw at flood defence today and the river hasn't changed since pre 1940.

Very interesting story.

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Just something we all take for granted. Until it goes totally poo, literally as last years flods showed. These guys did as much to save London as the Fire Services. Suppose they had got it wrong? Cholera for a start. When you look at the Public health problems of a lot of other bombed cities had, these guys really are Hero's.

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