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Stalwart potential interest?

Sean N

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Sounding out interest on our Stalwart. We're never going to get round to doing it so it might as well go to a good home.


Basically decent vehicle, ran well but has a problem with the offside rear wheel station - every so often the wheel stops rotating! Part swimmer, still has Dowty jets and drive shafts, tiller levers (home made) and linkages, missing tillers and barge board (actually that may not be true - I have a feeling it has got the tillers, but they're not fitted). Could do with new seals for the drop sides. Paint stripped off cab above waist line, will now need surface rust stripping off! A lot of small parts have been re-furbed and there are some new parts with it. It's a 1967 Mk2 with the winch, and it's road registered.


Part stripped for restoration, it's a non-runner at the moment (only because the drive belts and filters are off the engine). I'll get it running before putting it up for sale properly, hence why this isn't an advert at the moment.


If anyone's potentially interested let me know.

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Stalwart is now running and mobile, so it's for sale. All the bits are with it.


Latest photos:















See also this topic in the classifieds section:




If you're interested, reply to the classified ad or send me a PM.

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