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969 exhaust manifold

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Hi Sam,


Welcome to the DT owners club.

These are fantastic trucks when they are running right, I've owned my 969 for 5 years now and not

without it's problems.


Parts can be a problem to find but they're out there, knowing DT 969 owners is a good source for parts

as you will find out, Neil the owner of the Pig and Whistle pub might know i think he has DT's.

Jaap Rietveld, he probably has one, trying to contacted him is another thing.

Steve Greenberg in the US had one for sale early on this year.

There's a guy in Denmak i know he ownes a 969 he has a small stock of 969 parts mainly engine part's, his name is Per Larsen email (hauchrog@live.dk) if you contact him tell him Mal from Wales gave you the contact address.

Hope this is of some help.


I forgot to ask is the manifold beond repair?





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Hi Mal


thank you for the warm welcome, i understand these old trucks require a lot of time to keep them running but fortunately my 969 has had a lot of the jobs done on it like the wiring and body work. engine runs very well and the brakes are just scary (work to well) so i am really happy with it. i am lucky as i live in the next town over from Andy Blackford who has a 969 and a 980 so he is very knowledgeable as he completely rebuilt both his trucks.


regarding parts for the 969 i have been looking on the web and i have found a few parts on ebay such as original hub seals, throttle linkages and possibly a diff centre. but as is the case these parts don't generally give problems. the exhaust manifold has already been repaired with a plate which has been welded over the crack then fire clay smeared around it. it is fine at the moment but how long it will remain compliant i don't know and knowing how hot it gets under the bonnet i don't want a blowing exhaust. so i am planning ahead before it goes wrong.


thanks for the contact details i shall give Per a shout and i'll tell him you said high Mal


cheers sam

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Hi Sam,


You're in the same mind as me, if you think it might break look for the parts in advance, and if you see parts

you don't need buy them anyway.

The breaks, scary :shocked: definitely the right description, you really do need a light foot.

Your lucky to find a nice 969 that's had work done to, she looks really tidy.

If i can be of any help don't hesitate in asking any time, just enjoy her while petrol is down in price.

Here's a couple of photos of mine ( after hours of work ) no more big trucks ;).



PS If any one down your neck of the woods has a spar swan neck tow bar i am looking for one.




(Sorry for the same picture twice, not used to doing this type of thing)



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Trying to fix the double picture post.
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Hi Sam,


Again, welcome to the 969 owners club.


Ross Prince in Australia sent a bunch of Diamond T stuff to Europe a few years ago, and I seem to recall one or two NOS exhaust manifolds in the box. I could ask?


The proper welding repair of cast iron is, on the surface, a scary thing. But I have done it successfully on a vice and I am no welding expert.

I say this as you may find a manifold with a minor crack that could be successfully repaired as a backup if you can't find a good one.

It requires the correct welding electrodes (expensive items compared to MS rods), the correct type of welding machine (can't remember which right now), correct preparation, pre and post heating (nothing too complicated) and some time.

But I was lucky, I knew a welding man who told me what to do. It wasn't that hard.


Yes, the "swan neck" bar a.k.a. banana bar, tow bar is a bit scarce here too. I spoke to a bloke who saw about 100 of them go to scrap in the 1980s. Hmmmm.:embarrassed:

But also the bracket that goes on the end of it. Only ever seen one on a restored truck hereabouts.


The forward rear diffs give trouble from what I have seen, usually done all the work. And if you are going to drive it, check the inter axle drive shaft, often overlooked until it fails, dramatically!


Let us know what happens in the end.


Have a nice day.


Sam, down-under

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Hi Mal


have messaged steve so hopefully it will all come good, clambered under the T today and gave every thing a grease up which was a wise move as the hardy spicer joints had some water in them. checked the oil level's and the main gear box is milky so will change that other wise all good. have a play tomorrow so i can get used to the winches.


Hello Sam


we spoke briefly on the G503 forum about your Diamond T in the last few months as i was looking at buying a T i am fowler 8669 on G503. Mal has pointed me in the direction of an exhaust manifold so waiting for a reply at the moment. the bracket you were referring to on the end of the banana bar i think is on my T so i will sort some pics out tomorrow of the bracket and what i end up lifting up.


regards sam

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