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  1. evening every one been trying to work out why i can't build air pressure on my Diamond T fitted with a rolls royce C6 so pulled the 2 plugs out of the top of the air compressor head to find one of the flat steel valves broken in 2. does any one have a parts compressor or some valves lying around? only need one but 2 would be great. not sure what else shares the same compressor or valves, last resort i'll make a pair but rather use genuine valves. regards sam
  2. no i wont take her out till she is finished John but it looks like i'll be taking something to cerney though
  3. been making new mounts to fit the air cleaners, originally these were both mounted side by side on the off side of the engine bay. but i am loosing the bulged bonnet so i can go back to the nice clean original lines. also got the new US diamond plate at the benders being cut and bent up. soon as they are done i can get the near side running board sorted, battery box on bit more pipe work then bolt the cab on. also waiting for various parts to turn up so i can sort the exhaust system and plumb the air cleaners into the inlet manifold. so getting closer and closer to driving it.
  4. been using all the spare hours in the day getting as much small parts fitted to the skuttle and getting the last of the fuel and air lines in. the clutch came back on thursday which was a huge relief as it has been gone for 4 months know but it has mean't i can fill that large hole in the middle of the truck. needed a bit of time spent re adjusting the clutch pedal linkage and the clutch air cylinder linkage (for operating the winch) but all expected. next steps will involve having a complete new wiring loom made and getting the fuel tanks repaired/fitted then the cab can be fitted. stil
  5. that will be a very fine machine ounce it is finished really look forward to seeing it out n about. big well done to all involved. regards sam
  6. just waiting for the clutch then we can have ago, think it is a un written rule you got to test drive with no cab lol!
  7. collected the cab from Jason Jeffries today and absolutely delighted with the result of all his hard work looking forward to fitting gauges and all the other bits n pieces to the skuttle. still waiting for the clutch and release bearing but ounce i have those will be ably to drive it. so getting closer and looking on track to have it out this year.
  8. getting a bit further this weekend, one battery box fitted and half the fuel pipes. been to see the cab again which is ready for paint end of next week and the clutch is not to far away either i hope.
  9. interesting story luckily in my case the bottom hose had been pulled and all the coolant drain taps opened. i put a bore scope down as many of the water ways as i could and they all looked very clear. the oil cooler was in good condition and the sump was fairly clean as well so the engine at least had been looked after.
  10. thank you for the pointer John i put a 60/40 mix in write from the start so i'll top the A/F up a bit more as the truck has sat for a few years with no coolant in it at all. sam
  11. thank you for your comment fredm this diamond t was used in the italy theatre during ww2 so your late father may have driven it? regards sam
  12. thank you for your reply John1950 never knew they had such a problem will keep an eye on it. have run the engine 6 times for periods between 1 - 2 hours long and the water pump seals seem to have settled back in and doesn't leak any more so may have got lucky there.
  13. the last 2 months have shot past and had completely forgotten about this thread so better bring every one up to speed before christmas. the Rolls Royce C6 is know running and sounding fantastic first attempts to start were difficult which lead to having the injectors and the injector pump rebuilt, the radiator is finished bar the brush guard. need to sort the clutch out then the gear box can go in and the truck will be drive able again. started with the large amount of tin work like running boards and battery boxes etc a lot of which is going to have to be replaced. the cab is coming alon
  14. sorry for lack of updates but been so busy with work and spending a lot of evenings working on the T just havn't had time to update so this is about 3 months work or so. firstly the main gear box and auxiliary selector is all finished and ready to be fitted to the C6, the Rolls is well on it's way back together know with new big & main bearings fitted and heads re installed. i torqued it all down properly tonight and have set to rocker shafts up so it is mostly cleaning and painting know engine wise. sorted the winch cable tensioner out which i have had to make all new pins, roll
  15. this is the thing and i know you are correct in what you are saying Wally, seems the trailer was left there long enough ago no one at the quarry recalls how it ended up there. really hoping some one on this forum reads this and can put me in touch with the owner or family.
  16. thank you John i have the quarry on side to help move it some were to be collected but still no luck finding the trailers owner. also a friend has spoken with the land owner but they say it is to do with the quarry and the quarry say it is to do with the land owner so at the moment neither want to be involved. not sure what else can be done on my side regarding the Dyson as attempts to find and contact the owner have failed. regards sam
  17. trailer has been there for a good number of years, tyres are flat and there are no number plates so i guess it classes as abandoned? will talk to the quarry and the land owners and see if they are happy to go this way. thank you for the info MatchFuzee would like to find the owner and do it the right way but we are all assuming the owner is even around any more.
  18. it might be John if we can find the owner of it
  19. good evening everyone i am trying to find out who owns the 50 ton dyson trailer that is at Binnegar quarry near Weymouth. would like to save it and put behind my Diamond T. have got quarries permission to remove and the land owner would like to have trailer owners permission first if we can locate and contact the trailers owner. if any one can help with contact details for the owner of this trailer please feel free to comment below, PM, or call me on 07533067157 i don't want to take it away with out trying to contact the owner as i genuinely want to return it to road worthy cond
  20. good evening Doug the rear springs can be fitted either way round. there is a part number or some thing painted on the spring but they have applied the yellow so it stands out. i could have just painted over it but decided it would be a shames as it has survived for so long. regards sam
  21. pulled the exhaust manifold yesterday and the ports are clogged with soot and oil so thought valve stem seals had failed so heads off and turns out 1 2 3 5 6 are completely polished smooth in the bores but 4 has a really good cross hatch in it. shall drop the sump and pull the pistons and see what the bearings are like but either way it is having a full rebuild know as i don't want to 2nd guess my self after putting it back in the truck.
  22. blimey done a lot since the last update though hasn't felt like it with work. right the winch is mostly back together part from the control levers need fitting and the drive from the aux box needs painting and fitting then the winch as a whole will be finished. pull 1531 out side to fit the winch and trial the replacement bumper. new linings riveted to the original break shoes and installed to the truck then adjusted up. front bumper and rails cleaned up and are now all away being blasted and painted by a friend. while waiting for a load of pa
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