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Hi everyone, my name is Dean I represent the Conflict History. and Remembrance Museum on the Isle of Wight. (Charm)


not only are we open but we are bigger and better than ever before.


this place is run solely by volunteers, no one at all is paid to be there.


it it is my job to answer questions, dispel myths and help people understand what we are about.


so please feel free to come and see us, we are always looking for new friends and equipment


And I can assure you with the fantastic team Stan has, we will be here to stay..


just to give you an idea of what we are about.


first we are a history museum, what this means is we try and tell the story about what the people and the vehicle did, what it was like to be in it and some history.



next we plan to help people with PTSD, be them from any background.



next we run a back to work scheme and a training school for the unemployed.


and on top of all that we can cater for large events, parties, weddings and social meetings.


we have a 200 seater mess and a 30 seater 1940s cafe..


we are affiliated with the British legion and the legion riders.



check out our wight link deals if you plan to visit.



please look at our websites for more details.






and our friends site, www.friendsofcharm.org.



there is a very interesting tank on our friends site that we are looking to restore, so if any of you fine folks can help identify parts that would be fantastic..



have a nice day



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