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journal size T214 engine


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Hi , was wondering if anyone on here could help me, I am looking to find the correct size of the big end journal of a dodge T214 230 ci engine as I need to get one re metaled and re ground to the standard diameter , the closest measurement I can find in the manual is big end bearing center to center measurement of 7"13/16 would this be correct and also are there any known problems with big end bearing oil feed as the no6 big end went but there was no drop in oil pressure before failure apart from the dreadful noise , any help would be greatfully appreciated , many thanks , terry

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No idea of the sizes - ask Steve at Dallas Autos. Big end failure is typical as it is just the furthest away from the oil supply. You will NOT see a big end failure on the dash gauge as the flow down the crank is so restricted. Only main bearing failure will show on the gauge.


You need to clean and flush every oil passageway in the block. It might help to pull and clean or replace the water distribution tube too as blockage there will increase the heat around that cylinder ( furthest from water pump ) and contribute to the failure.


If you had the resources I'd have advised getting another engine, checking it over, swapping it in, then rebuilding the original as a spare, but I know not every has those facilities.

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Hi Gordon , we have purchased a new water tube and will fit that when rebuilding it , will ask at Dallas next time I'm there , we have another engine in there at the moment but the oil rings are gone and its eating oil and keeps blowing head gaskets , we bought it quite cheaply as a temporary replacement and it had been sat seized in a garden for some years , would it be possible to measure one of the non worn out big end journals and get it re metalled up to that as it was running standard big ends and mains prior to the failure ? Thanks , Terry



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